Pro-Tec Mechanical Contractors Aruba N.V.

Pro-Tec Mechanical Contractors Aruba NV is the leading provider of mechanical services and cooling technologies on Aruba. Our 100 employee workforce strives daily to provide our best services to the Dutch Caribbean hospitality, industry, business and residential sector.

Pro-Tec was established in 1995, based on a sound partnership and friendship in engineering and installation competencies. Since then, the list of customers and employees has been growing steadily so today we are proud to say that Pro-Tec is the reliable, professional partner to the hospitality/tourism sector, the industry, business community and individual home owners on Aruba.

Our services include engineering, execution and full service/maintenance of our customer’s investments in mechanical systems and cooling technologies.

Since 1998, Pro-Tec has established a close relationship with TRANE, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and comprehensive facility solutions, and since 2009 also entered the Caribbean market with global technology/solutions leader Mitsubishi Electric HVAC.

Together with The Trane Company and Mitsubishi Electric HVAC, Pro-Tec Mechanical Contractors Aruba NV is able to find and execute any mechanical and cooling solution to satisfy your needs. As the major player in its field of expertise on Aruba with supporting activities on Curacao and soon Bonaire.

When you choose Pro-Tec Mechanical Contractors Aruba NV as your mechanical contractor for your building energy and HVAC environmental systems, you join forces with a mechanical contractor that is an industry leader on the local/regional market. With over 18-year experience and successful yields, Pro-Tec Mechanical Contractors Aruba NV has established a proven record of top-notch customer service in providing innovative, efficient and cost-effective technology to our customers.


  • Pro-Tec is the leading company with innovative solutions in cooling technologies and mechanical installations on Aruba.
  • Partnership with customers and technology providers as basis for a long lasting relationships.
  • Customers and employees recognize Pro-Tec, based on professionalism, reliability and "Yes, we can" culture.


  • Performance & Solution driven.
    Pro-Tec helps their customers to achieve top-level performances by providing solutions in climatization, comfort, sustainability and energy efficiency. Solutions based on facts and know-how.
  • Continuous improvement and development.
    Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our services. Operational excellence is the engine to continuously develop / improve our processes and offerings.
  • Attract, retain, develop talent.
    Pro-Tec will offer a challenging development which enables individuals and teams to reach their fullest potential.
  • Sustainable business.
    Social entrepreneurship, lowering environmental impact, ethical business principles and safety are foundations in our daily activities.

Values / Pro-Tec business principles

  • Respect to others and environment
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Determination "Yes we can" mentality
  • Excellent service attitude
  • Professionalism, knowledge based
  • Teamwork and fun

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