Building Automation & Controls

Let’s not talk about communication networks, BACnet and LONtalk protocols or other fancy tech-stuff that we engineers love to talk about, Pro-Tec has that covered. Let’s talk about what this technology can do for you and your buildings:

  • Higher energy efficiency (=lower energy cost)
  • Lower operating and maintenance cost
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Greater occupant comfort and productivity

So basically, working towards a “Green Building” is working towards sustainability and your triple bottom line (people, planet, profit).

Starting with a building assessment and energy audit, together with you we can set up a building automation system that focusses on HVAC but can be standard extended with sensors for motion, CO2, room occupancy control etc.

It is vital that all involved with these system have the proper understanding on technology behind the people interfaces. Therefore training/instruction of staff is a standard package that Pro-Tec can offer.

Putting control at your fingertips

Whether you want to adjust the temperature setpoint in your office or manage the entire building automation system, we have the solutions/products for your needs.

Pro-Tec has a vast experience with proven technology providers such as Trane (Tracer Summit automation portfolio for integrated Chiller/HVAC controls and KMC with a vast program of intelligent room controllers up to a complete building automation network.

Having challenges in your building controlling temperature, humidity, cost etc.? It is likely that a building automation system can cover your needs and gets improvements/solutions for your challenges.

  • Refrigeration

    We understand that when you are in the hospitality business, providing proper quality/safe food is paramount. Our customers therefore rely on the professional cooling/freezer equipment in achieving their goals. To ensure that these vital pieces of equipment keep running, you may need a professional installation and service partner in that area. Pro-Tec has a big track record in designing and delivery/installation/service of walk-in coolers/freezers, ice-machines and other professional coolers/freezers. Having a big banquet this weekend and your main freezer break-down… we understand your stres...

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  • HVAC

    HVAC – Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning. Yes, Heating in the Caribbean is not something we always need…. Proper ventilation and air conditioning solutions however becomes more and more a basic need. Especially in the hospitality/hotel business and organizations that want to provide a proper/convenient climate for their employees and customers. Pro-Tec can support you by first understanding your needs, now and in the future. Based on that, we put our design and engineering team to work to come up with the proper solution for your needs. Pro-Tec provides HVAC solutions based on strong c...

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  • Engineering Services

    Pro-Tec has a team of trained/skilled engineers who translate the needs of property managers regarding HVAC challenges into solutions that work. Supported by our technology partners, we keep our knowledge level up to date. Making use of various design and engineering tools, we provide when needed 3D design drawings for the required equipment and installations where we apply the RAMS principle : Reliability – Availability – Maintainability – Safety. We like to work based on facts and knowledge. Therefore, in some cases we need to do a study on an existing building, taking measurements on electr...

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  • Mechanical / Plumbing / Coolers-Freezers / Sprinkler

    Pro-Tec offers a wide range of Mechanical Services/Solutions such as HVAC, design and installation of complete chillerplant, Cooling Towers, Pumps, piping, ductwork etc Plumbing in various material applications (PVC, Carbon Steel etc) Walk-in coolers/freezers (all shapes and sizes) Welding, TIG Pump alignments Vibration control Swimmingpool solutions (technology/machinery/pumps/piping etc) Solar water heating solutions We have an in house workshop which allows us great flexibility for last minute adaptations/changes to piperuns, ductwork, ventilation goosenecks etc...

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