A beach fronting hotel

At a beach fronting hotel with a strong focus on energy efficiency (Green Globe 21 and ISO 14001 certified), Pro-Tec was asked to come up with a solution for room control including temperature, occupancy, open doors etc.

Pro-Tec designed and executed a system (Building Automation Solution) for the 200+ guestrooms based on KMC flexstat roomcontrollers. Linked to the system are in room sensors (temperature, humidity), detecting amongst others occupancy, open terrace doors and CO2.  As the total system is routed to the frontdesk, room issues can be monitored and corrected easily while minimizing guest impact and greatly lowering energy usage for running AC’s during non-occupancy, open doors etc.

  • Hospitality/hotel chains

    At one of the leading hospitality/hotel chains on Aruba, Pro-Tec was asked to support the following challenge: Challenge The present chillersystem (HVAC via chilled water application for 400+ guestrooms and public spaces) is not providing the required energy efficiency. Owner requires 2 new centrifugal chiller to replace 2 existing chiller and to upgrade all realting systems (Cooling Towers, Pumps, Pipingruns etc). Solution: After evaluating various scenarios’ with the owner, it was decided based on energy efficiency, comfort and reliability to replace to existing chillers with TRANE C...

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  • Telephone company

    Challenge: The leading telephone company on Aruba operates via various buildings, the biggest one being the central administration building which has the main customer information/service desk and central overhead departments for the company. The two story building was running on an aged chilled water system, leading to various issues (high utility cost electricity and water, leakages, manintenance challenges). The change-over from the chilled water system to a new solution was to be executed without disruption to customer processes in the building Solution: Protec designed and execute...

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  • Diversified hospitality group

    Challenge: A leading diversified hospitality group on Aruba was faced with various HVAC solutions (Chiller, VRF, Split etc) at various properties under their management (hotel, timeshare, casita’s, golfresort/ restaurants etc). The group was looking for a full service provider to take care of upgrading HVAC systems and preventive maintenance on their various properties. Solution: Pro-Tec worked with the owners’ management on a master plan, upgrading/renewing Chillers, VRF systems and Split AC units, focusing on each property to meet the ROI requirements of the owner. Preventive mainten...

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